Energy Resources’ ability to leverage utility incentives and financing programs on behalf of our customers reduces overall project costs and drastically improves the return on investment (ROI), moving the customer from a cash flow neutral to pure savings scenario more quickly. With an understanding of the unique aspects and processes of each utility and their programs, we are positioned to maximize incentive dollars on behalf of our customers.


Energy Resources team members have conceived, developed, implemented, and successfully executed energy conservation programs as both owners of Energy Services Companies and previously as utility employees. This experience enables us to maximize available incentive dollars and deliver projects with an attractive return on investment.

Our Project Development team consists of industry veterans who take pride in developing cost-effective solutions to our customers energy conservation challenges and ensuring that all available incentives and funding mechanisms are leveraged to the fullest extent. Our team has unmatched experience working in partnership with Eversource, United Illuminating, NGRID, and many other utility programs.


Energy Resources has the expertise and the ability to structure innovative financing models that enable energy efficiency projects to be completed with no initial capital expense and often structured to deliver monthly energy savings in excess of monthly payments. We assist our customers with financing options through all available utility programs and third-party lenders.

Energy Resources is adept at guiding our customers through the various utility financing options. Many utility programs offer generous incentives along with zero percent financing for energy projects and the balance of the project cost is paid in monthly installments directly on the customer’s utility bill. Monthly payment plans are often designed so that the monthly payment is less than the monthly savings creating positive cash flow immediately.

We also have strong, established relationships with multiple third-party financing organizations such as Univest Capital, Ascentium Capital, Wells Fargo, and M-Core Credit Corporation. These partners allow us to offer similar financing scenarios to our clients in areas where the utility program does not offer on-bill financing options.


Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (CPACE) is a financing mechanism that enables low-cost, long-term funding for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation projects. CPACE financing is repaid as an assessment on the property’s regular tax bill and terms extend to 20 years, so it is possible to undertake deep, comprehensive retrofits that have meaningful energy savings and a significant impact on the bottom line. CPACE projects are structured so that the annual energy savings exceed the annual payments, so property owners are cash flow positive immediately; which means increased dollars available to be spent on other capital projects, budgetary expenses, or business expansion.

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