Public Housing

Lighting | Mechanical | Across 8 Buildings

Energy Resources has performed eight (8) independent projects for this public housing group including turnkey lighting designs and installations, boiler replacements, variable frequency drives, heat pumps and weatherization measures.

At one location, Energy Resources installed high efficiency ductless heat pump systems for community rooms and office areas and variable frequency drives on boiler hot water circulating pumps. We also upgraded interior fluorescent troffers to new LED troffers and LED strip fixtures. With anticipated annual savings of 33,581 kWh the project had a 6.3-year payback.

A comprehensive project at another location included installation of new HVAC equipment and lighting. The customer had a single existing set of house heating boilers that also provided domestic water heating. Energy Resources installed separate high efficiency boilers for house heating and domestic water. We also installed variable speed pumps and an outdoor air reset strategy. This mechanical project has annual savings of 40,358 kWh and 3,030 CCF.

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Some Notable Clients

Charter Oaks Communities2019-12-11T13:41:45-05:00
City of Waterbury CT2019-12-11T13:54:33-05:00
Dunkin Donuts2019-12-11T13:56:16-05:00
Boston University2019-12-11T13:58:50-05:00
EHM: Elderly Housing Management Inc2019-12-11T14:09:42-05:00
Genesis Healthcare2019-12-11T14:10:07-05:00
Rhode Island College2019-12-11T13:55:01-05:00