Right-Sized Solar

Why invest in solar if your facility is operating inefficiently? Many companies will ignore this question and a customer may end up paying too much for an oversized solar system.

At Energy Resource we ensure that each facility is operating at peak efficiently through cost-effective upgrades before investigating solar energy production. Once a facility is operating efficiently, the next step is to offset power purchased from the grid with on-site production from a solar photovoltaic system. Energy Resources provides turn-key solar projects leveraging all tax benefits, utility incentives, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to develop a financially and environmentally attractive solution.

Whether it is a ground mount, carport, pitched roof or self-ballasted roof mount installation, Energy Resources has the capabilities and experience to design and install the appropriate system for any situation. We can also provide battery storage systems and electric vehicle charge stations in conjunction with the solar installation. Our knowledge, experience and relationships within the market enable us to ensure that all system connections, whether in front of or behind the meter, are completed seamlessly.

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