White Flower Farm

Energy Success

Savings by
the Numbers


Annual Cost Savings


Annual kWh Savings


Annual MMbtu Savings


Energy Resources was able to implement the following measures leveraging incentive funding:
  • Advanced Grow Lighting
  • New Fixtures
  • HVAC system featuring dual enthalpy economizer allowing the unit to use outdoors air for cooling and lessen the amount of energy needed to run air compressors
  • Variable – Frequency Drive water pump that provides better control of water distribution systems and can reduce energy use by 50%

Turnkey Benefits

White Flower Farm

  • Total Project Cost
  • Eversource Incentive
  • Annual kWh Savings
  • Annual MMbtu Savings
  • Annual Cost Savings
  • Payback Period
    3.78 Years
  • Carbon Reduction
    267 Metric Tons of CO2e
“I never dreamed our company would be able to complete a project this size so quickly with minimal out-of-pocket. Eversource and JK Energy Solutions helped make the process seamless with no disruption to our day-to-day tasks, and identified great equipment and solutions that are perfect for our business.”
Lorraine Calder, President of White Flower Farm