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Electric Vehicle Charging

By 2030, more than 31 million Electric Vehicles are projected to be on North American roads. What was once the future, is now here. Attract customers, provide a pleasant guest and employee experience, promote sustainability by becoming an early adopter of EV technology at your facility.

LED Lighting Solutions

With lighting accounting for 20-50% of the energy used in most buildings, increased efficiency can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill. Lighting technology is constantly evolving, and Energy Resources stays current with the newest, most reliable energy efficient lighting solutions.

Mechanical Equipment Controls & Replacements

Whether it’s an entire building management system, controls on existing equipment, or replacement of equipment, our mechanical solutions optimize savings and comfort.

Refrigeration Optimization

Solutions designed to help lower your energy costs, increase the efficiency of your cooling systems and diagnose problems before they turn into costly repairs.

Steam Optimization

Our custom engineered and fabricated thermal blanket insulation systems are designed, manufactured, installed, and warrantied to improve the performance of your existing steam system. Our solution dramatically increases steam system efficiency resulting in significant energy conservation and financial savings to the customer.


Solar is a 100% renewable, sustainable source of power that can help you lower your current and future utility spend and operating costs.

Utility Generation Management

Utility Generation Management programs are designed to ensure the reliability of the electric grid. Businesses that take advantage of these programs receive significant payments for participating.


Energy Resources provides solutions to ensure that the outside stays outside.