Refrigeration Optimization

Efficient Cooling

Better System Oversight

Commercial coolers, freezers and display cases can be costly to operate. A failure can mean the loss of valuable inventory. Energy Resources’ solutions address both concerns.
Our control systems for walk-in coolers and freezers reduce evaporator fan operation by up to 80%, saving electricity and reducing compressor run time. Door and frame heaters for display cases can be controlled based on store dew point, reducing run time by up to 95% in coolers and 60% in freezers. We also replace evaporator fan motors with brushless, electronically commutated (EC), motors that can reduce energy usage by up to 70%. Additionally, our Remote Site Manager system provides real-time monitoring of cooling system operation to ensure that a failure can be quickly addressed avoiding any loss of inventory.

Evaporator Fan Operation

Door & Frame Heaters

EC Motors

Live Monitoring Options